11th JANUARY 2017
Welcome to our new venue and Upton History Society
A stroll down memory lane with Upton Cross WI and more about the history of our new venue Upton Village Hall.

8th FEBRUARY 2017
Art Therapy
A practical session with Carol Arnold.

8th MARCH 2017
Alex Clifton – Artistic Director at Storyhouse
Sharing the ethos and vision of Chester’s new theatre.

12th APRIL 2017
Members Evening
A time to get to know all our members.

10th MAY 2017
Resolutions will be discussed.

14th JUNE 2017
BIll from The Cavern Club, Liverpool
Bill from The Cavern Club, Liverpool will talk about all the people that have passed through these famous doors and I’m sure that he has a lot of stories to tell.

12th JULY 2017
Steve Leonard – TV Vet
From his TV series ‘ Vet School’ to the continued series ‘ Vets in Practice’ Steve will talk to us about his life and experiences.

13th SEPTEMBER 2017
Upton Heath Flower Club
We will be shown how to create some fabulous flower displays.

11th OCTOBER 2017
Susan Ord
Secrets of handwriting

8th NOVEMBER 2017
AGM & Helen Jackson – Are you trapped in Black?
Important month for us to hold our AGM and also to have one of our members talk to us about – Are you trapped in black? Colours by Helen Jackson.

13th DECEMBER 2017
Christmas Party &
10th Birthday Party.
Eat, drink and be merry.


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