10th JANUARY 2018
Cheese Shop Chester
Try out some delicious cheese samples.

14th FEBRUARY 2018
First aid Training
Important training session for us all with Francis.

14th MARCH 2018
Marianne talks to us through this alternative medicine.

APRIL 2018
No meeting
We are not able to meet this month due to maintenance in the Village Hall.

9th MAY 2018
Resolutions & Members Activity
A lively debate to explore the WI resolutions followed by our vote.

13th JUNE 2018
Garden Designers
Jane and Penny talk to us about landscape gardening..

11th JULY 2018
Brush up your Shakespeare – this is a change to what we originally had planned, but comes highly recommended.

8th AUGUST 2018
Games Night
For those of you who aren’t away on summer holidays. An evening of getting to know each other better whilst playing some great board games and bring along your favorite tipple.

12th SEPTEMBER 2018
Louise Benson – Archivist
Louise is the Archivist at The Grosvenor Estate. Her talk is on the Grosvenor Family of Eaton and the history of Eaton Hall – from 1066 to the present day.

10th OCTOBER 2019
Fire and Rescue
Fire and Rescue in the community.

14th NOVEMBER 2018
Annual Meeting
We  have a change of some faces on the committee & President and hopefully welcome some new faces.

132h DECEMBER 2018
Christmas Party &
11th Birthday Party.
Eat, drink and be merry.


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